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give the living gift of a tree

Plant a Tree

You can create a special event that will benefit the environment for all of us - one that will live on for years. This special gift will protect our wildlife, our soil, and the quality of the air we breathe. has planted hundreds of thousands of young trees on public lands in all 50 states of the United States and in the International Tree Planting countries as part of their reforestation programs. They also have always endeavored to find youth groups to be involved in the plantings, enlisting Scout groups and 4-H Clubs from all over the country in this effort. Experienced nurserymen or national foresters guide them in the planting. In some states, the trees are planted by professionals with special consideration concerning the species and best growing locations.

When a TreeGivers tree is planted, it brings life and beauty to the countryside and in a distinctive way, in honor of a special person, or for a special occasion. Some possibilities include a birth, graduation, wedding, or holidays; as a pet memorial; or just to reforest needy areas of the world. An order to plant a tree as a memorial of a loved one includes a sympathy letter, sympathy card, and the official certificate of planting. Corporations even take advantage of the opportunity to recognize and thank important customers and employees in this very special way, and all of the details are handled by TreeGivers.

Since Tree Givers is able to plant in Belize, Canada, Honduras, Israel, Nicaragua, Panama, and the United States, they offer something for everyone. Find out more at



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