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natural cat care

Natural Cat Care

Use a turkey baster to give liquid medicine to your pet. A medicine dropper is smaller but too easy for a feisty cat to swallow.

If your cat refuses liquid medicine, put it on his fur, and he will lick it off.

Remove pet hair from upholstery by wiping the furniture with a slightly dampened sponge or a rubber glove.

Remove pet hair from upholstery by wrapping masking tape around one hand with the sticky side out.

Keep pets off upholstered chairs or the couch with aluminum foil. Place a large piece on the upholstery, and pets should stay off.

Rubbing cornstarch into your cat's coat prior to brushing or combing, will allow tangles or mats to be removed easier.

Keep the odors out of the cat litter box by placing a thick layer of newspaper down first, then a layer of baking soda, and then a layer of cat litter.

If you have two cats, you need two litter boxes. When one starts digging around, the other wants to go also.

Most essential oils can kill cats.

Garlic will make cats sick.

natural cure for cat fleas

Cats and Fleas

A good remedy to keep fleas off of your cat is this simple solution: Slice a whole lemon very thin, including the peel, and add it to a pint of water. Heat this mixture right until the boiling point. Let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning, gently rub the mixture into your cat's fur and skin just to dampen it, not drench it. Do this once a month. This is a natural flea killer.

You can also use brewer's yeasticon every day for skin problems involving fleas. Sprinkle a small amount of brewers yeast onto your cat's food to keep fleas away.

Avoid flea powders containing pyrethrins or other poisons.

To keep fleas away, don't forget to wash your cat's bedding and all area rugs often. Vacuuming frequently also is a must.

Sprinkle some rosemary leaves , powdered rosemary, or eucalyptus leaves under your cat's bedding.

Hartz Mountain

Hartz Mountain flea and tick medicines for cats are not safe. In fact, some cats have died and others have had seizures, persistent drooling, and other reactions.

Google News Search under Hartz brings up news that the products are being removed from the market. But, they may not be off store shelves until March of 2006. You may even have some of these products in your home for use soon.

Commercial flea and tick medicines use poisons - lethal poisons. The companies that make them do their best to deliver just enough poison to kill pests but not the animal. But, this is no game of "cat and mouse," pets' lives are in their hands when you use products like these.

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