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Natural Patio Tips

Keep clay pots clean with mineral oil (on a clean, dry pot). Apply a thin layer of mineral oil inside and outside of the pot.

New, unused clay pots can be sealed and protected with an spray-on acrylic sealer.

Keep the patio and patio furniture clean from bird droppings with a large plastic owl. Birds won't even come close. The owl can be placed on the roof above the patio, on a side table, or on a fence next to the patio. Birds hate coming near the Prowler Owl will keep them far away, as will the Dalen Owl with rotating headDalen Products Owl with Rotating Head Pest Detterent.

To kill weeds that come up in the patio, simply pour boiling water or salty water on them, or pour on white vinegar.

To tighten up wicker seats that are sagging, spray them with water, then let them set in the sun to dry.

Soak wicker or caning in a light solution of hot water and lemon oil, then dry it in the sunlight. After drying, apply a coat of oil and let it soak in.

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