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Home Exterior Tips

Protect your home's exterior when leaning a ladder against surface by covering the ends of the ladder with golf club covers.

Repair small holes in window screens by first bending broken wire mesh into the right position, then dabbing on clear nail polish or model airplane glue.

Cover padlocks with a plastic bag during a winter freeze.

Keep an outdoor light receptacle or lightbulb from rusting, making the bulb hard to remove, by rubbing a little Vaseline on the threads before inserting the bulb.

It is important to keep vent grates on. Without them at the top of a home, birds, bats or wasps can move in. Without vent grates near the bottom of a home, cats, raccoons or other animals can set up residence under yours.

The exterior of a house can almost look like you just painted if it is washed down. A strong nozzle on the garden hose is enough pressure -- stronger pressure (from a pressure washer) may be so strong that it causes paint to flake off.

Painting the front door and trim (doors, windows, porch railing, etc.) can sometimes make the house look so good that you can put off painting the walls for a few more years.

Replacing broken items on the exterior of a house (light fixture, mailbox, porch railing, etc.) will do so much for its curb appeal and value.

Before you replace or add any items, or before you paint, take note of the style and architecture of your home and others in your neighborhood. Mixing styles detracts from the look and value of the house. It is also possible that the past owners removed or altered features. Any new work should keep or restore the original style.

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