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keep mice out of garage

Keep Out Mice

Keep mice out of your garage by adding a few cotton balls full of peppermint essential oil. DO NOT use peppermint to keep mice out of the inside of your car or house if you have a child under five, you are pregnant, or you have high blood pressure.

The respiration of a baby can be slowed down or even stopped if peppermint oil or menthol is close enough for the baby to even breathe either one. High blood pressure can be elevated further by peppermint essential oil taken orally, and children under 5 should not take peppermint tea or menthol cough drops should not be given to children under five -- so harmful effects could be caused by breathing it constantly in a car or house. Large doses of peppermint oil may also be harmful during pregnancy, so why take a chance on breathing it constantly if you are pregnant.

garage tips

Natural Garage Tips

You like to park your car in the garage, but toys and tools keep spreading out and getting in the way of the car's path. Lay down bright tape or paint lines on the floor to make an outline of the car. Leave a few inches of space between the lines and the car itself. It will help the kids (and you) have a border for clutter.

Paint several lines one foot apart on the floor of your garage to use as a guide when measuring lumber, string, rope, etc.

Wax your snow shovel to keep snow from sticking. Warm up the shovel first over the stove, then coat it with household paraffin wax.

Keep snow from sticking to the snow shovel by applying cooking spray before shoveling.

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