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make a memory book

Memories CAN Last Forever

It is now possible to share and save our memories almost forever. First, for family and friends that are spread all over the country, or even the world. Second, to keep a "part" of loved ones long after they're gone. And, third, to share with your children and grandchildren later on.

For Mom

Johnny signed up for Little League baseball in California. You as parents may take his hobby for granted. But, your mother in Florida hangs on every word when the subject comes up. You even send her some photos occasionally. But, it's not the same.

softball team photo album

Your mother can experience all of it with a memory book. Include photos of him in his uniform, standing at bat, sliding home, with his teammates, and with his trophies. You can add a photo of the scoreboard at the end of the winning game, or maybe some tears when the other team won. And, don't forget to take a picture of how filthy the uniform is by the end of a game. With all of these in one photo album, Grandma can be "at" his games with him no matter where she lives. What a great Mother's Day present, or Grandmother's Day gift.

order printed book of photographs

Photographs from your own childhood are yellowed with age, but digital photos can be shared on the internet in all their vibrance and detail. Computers can crash, and all your pictures can be lost. But, you can keep them safe in cyberspace by putting them on an internet website. Not one of the free websites, or your photos will disappear if the site goes out of business, but your own website. With some companies, you can also get two years of domain registration if you purchase two years of website hosting in advance.

create a personal recipe book

From Mom

Your mother is the best cook in your world. Now that you have started your own family, you'd love to recreate all of mother's recipes. So, make your own recipe book. Each time you get together with Mom, take pictures of each dish in the meal she prepared. Then type up her recipe for each item. When you are done, you'll definitely have the very best recipe book. If you also take a picture of each set of instructions, you can have the recipes and finished dishes printed in an actual book through Photoworks. The book would be yours to use daily and treasure long after Mom is gone. And, one book for each of her children would make great Christmas or Hanukkah gifts. You could even order an extra for your daughter and put it away for a wedding present when the time comes.

Mom's Past

The house that you grew up in will be yours someday. Your mother told you that it was once a Victorian beauty, but you just see it as the old family home. Ask Mom to find pictures of the house when it was new, any paperwork that tells about the construction or purchase, and some pictures of your family growing up in the house. Pictures of both the inside and outside are ideal. After the house does become your own, you will have a blueprint for restoring it to its original beauty. Pictures of the restoration and the finished product can then be added to this memory book.

Mom's Family

Mom has talked at great length about her relatives. You have even met many of them. But, there are photographs of all of them in a box somewhere in the house. Ask Mom to bring them out of hiding. Start this memory book with the oldest pictures possible. If you upload the pictures to your website, you can then add data (name, place of birth, date of birth, etc.) to each one. In the end, you will have a photographic family tree for yourself and to show your own children and grandchildren later.

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