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co-sleeper for baby

Shh! Baby Sleeping


Having your baby sleep with you seems so natural. For centuries, babies and kids slept in the same bed as their parents. And, for centuries, babies have occasionally been smothered to death by a parent in the middle of the night.

Now, we have the co-sleeper. This modern invention allows baby's bed to be an extension of your own. The co-sleeper is on legs so it is the same height as your bed, and it actually attaches to your bed and is secured under your mattress. With one open side next to you, baby is as secure as in a crib but is just inches away. You still won't have to get out of bed for night feedings, you have the family intimacy, but you also can't roll over on baby while you are sleeping.

The Arm's Reach Original Co-Sleeper Bassinet can also be used as a separate bassinet if desired, in the bedroom, living room, or when traveling. When baby is ready for a crib, the co-sleeper can be used as a changing table or playpen.

crib wedge for SIDS

SIDS and Sleep

Some studies show that the risk of a baby dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is lessened greatly by having baby sleep on his back. Once baby is able to roll on his side, there is no guarantee that he will remain in this position. A simple "back sleeper" keeps baby safely in position while you are also sleeping or when you are not watching (see "Flat Head" above).

For babies that spit up often but can't easily roll over yet, you can use the back sleeper to keep baby on his side while he is sleeping. This will prevent choking and the possibility of smothering from sleeping face down. Sleeping on one's left side also aids in digestion.

easier nighttime feedings

2:00 a.m. Feedings

Moms who are not nursing can make 2:00 a.m. feedings easier for them and baby by getting things ready ahead of time. Prepared formula must be kept refrigerated, retrieved and warmed. Instead, take a clean bottle and an unopened can of formula with you when you go to bed. All that is needed then is to open the can and pour it into the bottle when baby wakes up.

Powdered formula is just as easy: a bottle of water and a container of powder that has already been measured can be combined and shaken when baby wakes up. These even cost less than ready-to-serve formula.

Secure Sleeper Ultra

Flat Head

We've all seen babies whose heads are totally flat in the back. That is caused by laying on his back in a bouncer all day, or from sleeping on his back every night. The Secure Sleeper Ultra can be used in baby's crib or co-sleeper to prevent a flat head. It's made of soft foam for comfort, and it has an special elastic material under baby's head to allow it to form properly. This is also a back sleeper and a crib wedge - three benefits in one.

Cradler Adjustable Head Support

Sleeping in the Car

It is so painful to see a baby sleeping in a car seat with no head support. The Cradler Adjustable Head Support gently cradles baby’s head while holding it upright. It has perfect support, with a unique design that goes over baby's shoulders and cradles the jaw to keep his head from slumping forward or sideways. The cradler will also adjust to grow with your child from birth up to five years.

crib wedge for reflux

Sleeping and Infant Acid Reflux

Feeding baby with his head higher than his butt allows gravity to keep stomach acid down. This is also the best sleeping position for a baby with acid reflux. Using a crib wedge will keep baby gently elevated to just the right angle for a more comfortable and healthful sleep. It elevates baby's upper body, enhancing breathing and digestion, which is healthier for baby.

See the article about Infant Acid Reflux on our home remedies site for more tips.

familiar odors for baby

Familiar Smells and Sleep

Babies will sleep happier, more secure, and longer with your smell next to them. When you lay baby down to sleep in his bassinet or crib, use the same receiving blanket that you used all day. If you are nursing, expressing a small amount of your milk on the blanket is an excellent extra touch.

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