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pot handle danger

Kitchen Safety

Always turn the pot or pan handle to the side so the hot food cannot be pulled down by a child or knocked over by anyone. Lots of kids are horribly burned this way.

Don't keep textile items (towels, pot holders, etc.) on the stove. If a burner is accidentally turned on, it could start a fire.

Don't leave plastic items on the stove. They can eventually melt from the heat of the pilot light.

To eliminate a smoking broiler and reduce the chance of a grease fire, place a few pieces of dry bread in the broiler pan when broiling meats. They will soak up the dripped fat.

Don't go and start another project while cooking. When a pot of food goes dry, it can start a fire. If you must go onto another project, set a timer to remind you check on the pan.

Invest in burner coversReston Lloyd 4136W if you have an electric range. Once the burners are turned off, they can lose their red color but remain incredibly hot. Put one of the covers over a burner after you turn it off as a reminder that it is still hot enough to burn.

Don't eat food with mayonnaise in it if you forgot to put it away. And throw away a jar of mayonnaise that has been left out. It doesn't have to be out long for it to give you food poisoning.

Wash your hands after handling raw chicken, beef or pork to prevent food poisoning. The bacteria can be cooked out, but is very dangerous if it gets into any food that will not be cooked.

Or, wear disposable gloves while handling raw beef, pork, poultry or fish.

baking powder for kitchen fires

Kitchen Fires

Never throw water on a grease fire. Oil and water don't mix, and water would cause the burning grease to be sprayed around the room and possibly onto you.

For a grease fire in a pan on the stove, cover the pan with its lid if you can do it without getting burned. The lack of oxygen should put out the fire.

If you can't put a lid on a pan with burning grease, throw baking soda over the fire.

If you open the oven door and see flames, close the door and turn the oven off. The lack of oxygen should put out the fire. If you see flames in a closed oven, don't open the door unless you have a fire extinguisher ready or a can of baking soda to throw on it. The extra oxygen will fan the flames.

A regular can of baking soda is pretty small for putting out a fire. Pour two or three cans worth into one large can to keep near the stove. Don't keep the can on the stove or in a cupboard above the stove, or you would either never be able to get to it or you could get burned trying.

Close the window when you cook if you have curtains near the stove. They could blow near enough to the flame to light on fire.

If kitchen curtains do catch on fire and you do not have a fire extinguisher seconds away, call the Fire Department before even thinking about trying to put out the fire yourself. The fire could spread in seconds.

A fire extinguisher is a good thing to have in any kitchen. You can hang it on the inside of a cupboard door (if it is not near the stove) if you don't like the look of it. Fire extinguishers need to be checked, refilled, or replaced occasionally (read the labels) or they may be of no use when you need them. Read and follow the label instructions before a fire could occur because you would not have time to read after a fire starts.

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