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Foot Care Tips

Soak your feet in vinegar water. Add half a cup of vinegar (white or cider) to a pan of hot water and add feet.

Cutting your toenails is easiest after a bath, shower, or foot soak. These soften the nails.

When your shoes start hurting your toes, cut your toenails.

Wrap a corn with duct tape so that it even the sides are not exposed. Remove the tape and file the corn with an emery board, and add new tape.

Get rid of corns with a bread poultice. Add vinegar (white or cider) to a small piece of bread. Tape the wet bread to the corn and leave it on overnight. Repeat until gone.

To speed up corn removal, soak feet in hot water with vinegar added. After soaking for a half hour, use a pumice stone while the corn is under the water. If you don't have a pumice stone, you can dry your foot and file the corn down with an emery board.

pumice stone for soft feet

Pretty Feet

One of the best things to improve the look of feet is a pumice stone. It will get rid of white, dry, flaky skin in a hurry.

Keep the pumice stone wet at all times by using it in the shower, bathtub, or a foot soak.

Rub the stone over the heel, under the heel a short way, next to the big toe, and around the outside edges of the foot.

If you feel the stone rubbing, you've gone far enough. You just want to remove dead skin and calluses. Finish with a good moisturizing lotion.

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